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Dangerous Plants

Dangerous Plants

Anemone Antirrhinums Azalea
Bittersweet Bluebell Bryony
Buttercups Caladuim Clematis
Columbine Crysanthemums Cyclamen
Daffodil Dahlias Deadly Nightshade
Delphinium Dog Mercury Fig
Figwort Filodendron Fools Parsley
Foxglove Hellebore Hemlock
Holly Hyacinth Iris
Ivy Jerusalem Cherry Juniper
Kingcup Laburnam Leyland Cypress
Lilly of the Valley Lobelia Lords and Ladies
Lupins Marsh Marigold Meadow Saffron
Mistletoe Monkshood Morning Glory
Poppies Privet Ragwort
Rhododendrom Spurges St. Johnswort
Tullips Wisteria Woody Nightshade
Yew Most Evergreen Trees

Plants Your Small Animal Will Love

Acorn Alfalfa Beech
Beechnuts Chickweed Clover
Coltsfoot Comfrey Corn Marigold
Corn Spurry Cow Parsley Daisy
Dandylion Fruit Trees Grounsel
Hawthorn Berries Hazel Hogweed
Knotted Persicaria Ladies Thumb Lucerne
Meadow Horsetail Nettles Oxeye
Plantain Rose Sherherds Purse
Sow Thistle Sunflower Thistle
Vetch Wheat and Barley Willow
Yarrow Young Oak Leaves
--- Information on dangerous plants is supplied by Supreme Petfoods.

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