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Rabbits require two vaccinations every year.
These are Myxomatosis and V.H.D. (Viral Haemorragagic Disease).


Myxomatosis is caused by blood sucking insects such as rabbit fleas and mosquitos. Affected animals become very ill with puffy swellings around the eyes (which causes blindness) nose, the face and soft skin around the ears. Also swelling to the genitals of the rabbit.

They can sometimes survive with this infection for months or weeks but most will lead to death within 12 days usually caused from a secondary lung infection (the only way we can control this disease is by vaccination recommended every 6 months by your veterinary surgeon).

Myxomatosis is usually more common during the summer months but with mild winters it tends to be around all year. Vaccinated rabbits can still sometimes catch Myxomatosis but they have a much higher chance of surviving. You can vaccinate from six weeks of age.

V.H.D - Viral Haemorragagic Disease:-

V.H.D is controlled by a vaccination which is given annually. Without with vaccination and yearly booster if contracted your rabbit will become very ill and die. The disease is airborn so people can carry it around on their shoes and clothing. It is also spread between rabbits via contaminated hutches, bedding, food and birds. Signs that your rabbit may have contracted V.H.D are loss of appetite and nose bleeding. This disease is distressing for the rabbit as blood clots form on the lungs and the rabbit is unable to breathe. You can vaccinate your rabbit from 8 weeks but it is usually given 10-12 weeks of age and annually there after. It must be given 2 weeks after the Myxomatosis vaccine.

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