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Rabbit Accommodation

The hutch for your rabbit should be at least 5ft long and 2 Ĺ - 3ft high. Rabbits like to be able to stretch up and reach for things. They are incredibly nosey and inquisitive so always like to see whatís going on around them.

Hutches should be log lap or tongue and groove to withstand the weather. It should be off the ground and preferably with bolts on the door. Itís amazing how easy foxes can just tap those latches down and get in, and they will if theyíre hungry enough.

If you can get your hutch into a shed then even better for those cold winter nights & rainy days when they need cleaning out. I have a light and radio in my shed for the rabbits and I find this particularly useful when itís firework season. We all know how stressed our pets can get at this time of the year. I just turn up the radio so they canít hear them and they just chill out in the shed.

If you havenít got a shed you could always bring them indoors for the night. Rabbits get spooked easily which can lead to shock.

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