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Our Accommodation

Our Rabbit Accommodation:

We have thought long and hard over our rabbit accomodation, we wanted something a bit more different than a hutch and a run in the garden. We wanted something where the rabbits would have space to play and stretch. Something that would keep them dry and warm when it rains, and me when I clean them out. So after numerous drawings and discussions with my partner and brother in law we came up with a 45ft long shed with walk in pens. Plenty of room for boxes, tunnels, balls and wicker toys to play with. It also has the space to accomodate the large house bunny. The shed has plenty of windows to let in light and there are also lights for the winter months when it gets dark earlier. They also have the pleasure of a radio to listen to.

All the pens are swept clean and are sprayed with trigene disinfectant cleaner. As with the guinea pigs I know this product is safe to use as it is used in some veterinary surgeries to clean down their tables, cages and work surfaces.

I use sawdust on the floor in the pens as this absorbs soiled areas and prevents odour. I also provide litter trays for those who like to use them. If you prefer not to have sawdust as bedding, shredded paper is available, just let me know. Lots of hay is also provided.

Building Our Rabbit Accommodation:

We would like to give a special thanks to Paul, without your experience, hard work and perseverence this project would not have been the success it is...

Our Guinea Pig Accommodation:

Guinea pigs are housed in my smaller shed which has built in hutches. The hutches have specially made panels which can be removed making the hutches bigger. This enables me to house larger groups of guinea pigs as well as singles and pairs. The guinea pigs can also graze in the garden in runs. The runs are partially shaded to protect from direct sunlight. Also available are tubes, igloo's and tunnels to hide in for the very shy pig. All the hutches are swept, cleaned and sprayed with Trigene disinfectant cleaner. This cleaner is used to clean down tables and work surfaces in some veterinary surgeries so I know this is a safe product to use for our guests.

I use sawdust,shredded paper and lots of hay in the hutches. If you prefer a different bedding please let me know.

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