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Guinea Pig Accommodation

The hutch for your guinea pig should be as large as you can buy or make. For two guinea pigs sharing, the minimum size should be 4ft x 2ft.

Guinea pigs should preferably be kept in sheds or garages to protect them from the cold. If your hutch is going to be outside then log lap or tongue and goove is recommended and it should be raised of the ground.

All guinea pigs should be covered over at night especially in the winter. All guinea pigs love to be outside on the grass when the weather is warm. You need to make sure you have a secure run with a lid and provide plenty of shelter for when it is too warm.

They should not go onto wet grass especially in the cold months as they could become cold and ill. A patio is ok if the weather is warm and the grass is still too wet. Damp grass in the summer is fine as they will dry out as the temperature rises.

For more information on guinea pigs go to www.freewebs.com/cavylover1

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